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Pick A Card: Strength

Have strength, the Strength Tarot t-shirt design is here! For Michigan’s Most Magnificent, Ann Arbor’s Amazing, Gorgeous Delightful Grand Diva Gala Delicious! (M.M.M.A.A.A.G.D.G.D.G.D. or “my god!” for short) I’ll be the artist to work alongside such amazing performers as Roxi D’Lite (Reigning Queen of Burlesque and Miss Exotic World 2010 and the headliner!), Gala Delicious, Red … Continue reading


The New Field Museum

More from my larger project in the Chicago Field Museum! This time North American birds with jewelry from all over the world, and two finished portraits! Dylan has thai art in the background of his portrait.


James, Midnight and Maisie

Every year (for the past… 5 years? Maybe?) I’ve made my brother a cover to his own comic book where he and our dogs star. This year I made 2, since last year I got as far as making the title but didn’t have time to actually illustrate the rest of it. Man, if you … Continue reading


Emma Makes Comics To Make Herself Feel Better pt. 2

I am filling up my sketchbook with these things. I CAN’T STOP. (also I found out I like drawing butts haha) Tom of Finland, for those not in the know, is not something to look up at work. A very NSFW queer artist.


40’s Welder Zombie

More sketchbook drawing! Working more with my Pentel Brush Pen and a fashion from the 40s and 50s book. One day this might get colored!



Over the holidays I had an extraordinary amount of free time, so instead of only just watching TV and reading (which I assure you, I did a lot of) I wanted to just mess around with my pencils. Hey, presto! Man, I could wax on forever about how much I love the surrealist movement but … Continue reading


Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim movie poster! Imagine this at your local movie theater – you’ll have to imagine it, since you’ll never see it there. I used a new technique with old-school layering. The people and scene at the bottom are on vellum and Gypsy Danger (terrible name) is on poster board behind that.  The whole thing … Continue reading


Whiskey Portraits

These were from a whiskey label project I completed and ended up not liking – further work would solve what was problematic, but instead I give you the part I did like! My portraits of “elegant men” for an “elegant” Canadian whiskey label. They had subtitles along the lines of “For the discerning man” and … Continue reading


Sahas Witch Finder

Another project where we had to invent a story and character – this time I went with the opposite of my last two characters – see Boanna and Evangeline if you’re curious. Sahas, my main character, is an assosiate professor at the University of Delhi in India. The summary of his story: Born in the Tamil … Continue reading


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