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Emma Makes Comics To Make Her Feel Better pt. 3

But first! An illustration from the beautiful Jamie Lee, from some of her jokes. “What eats salmon, hibernates, and practices law?” I replied with “Attorney At Bear” which she illustrated as a gift. “A bearrister.” :D Better yet: “What popular game show host is made of raw meat?” “Drew Carrion!” “What popular 90’s actor fits … Continue reading


Klimt’s Hygieia

A study in the new sketchbook. Klimt’s works are so fluid and surreal, I love his work. They’re a lot of fun to pay homage to.


So… this was a sketch that ended up as a finished digital illustration. I should use my time better, but… Robin? Hehe!   Check it out! A new gif:¬†


The End

My comic for the anthology Before, After, and In Between! Darker than what I normally make, the theme was the 2012 Mayan end of the calendar. I really enjoyed the process. It is old enough now (and the book out of print) that I don’t feel bad posting it, but MAN my art has improved!


I just taught myself to make gifs! I am having WAY too much fun doing this, it is such a cool thing. I always wanted to animate but never really wanted to¬†animate, y’know? Best of both worlds! The immediate satisfaction of movement without the years of training and years of production… The lazy-man’s cartooning. Anyway, … Continue reading


Pick A Card: A Burlesque Exploration of Tarot

I was the official artist for yet another Gala Delicious showcase, this one being Pick A Card; A Burlesque Exploration of Tarot. Very fun to be a part of! All of the performers were amazing. I also got to see my poster printed and up all over Ann Arbor, where it took place. Such a … Continue reading



I was invited to be a contributor to the anthology “Awkward Sex“, put together by the lovely and talented Isabella Rotman! Here are my two pages (and keep an eye out – a second book may be in the works!)

Cover to the comic "An Unpaid Journey"

Brain Frame; An Unpaid Journey

A long while ago I was the first intern for the show Brain Frame here in Chicago. It was an amazing experience, but no one is interested in that. As part of the internship I was asked to make something to show how the internship went… instead I chose to showcase a span of a … Continue reading

Poster for Gala Delicious's show "Gala D Turns Twenty Three"

Gala D Turns Twenty Three Show Poster

The official show poster! I was so pleased making this poster, Gala is a treat to work with. Not just saying that because she continues to hire me, although that factors in for sure. ;)


Gala D Turns Twenty Three!

Gala D Turns Twenty Three, a Burlesque Extravaganza! Show cards as gifts for the performers, commissioned by the lovely Gala D herself.      


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