The Return

I’ve always put out these “Emma Makes Comics To Make Herself Feel Better” posts, but I’ve never really addressed the reasons why I do that. I struggle with depression and anxiety, and recently had a big unpleasant issue in my life which I have been slowly dealing with. I love that joke of “I don’t know how old I’ll get, so who knows when my mid life crisis will be, I’ll just have an ongoing one instead.” That’s what it feels like, honestly. A lot of cartoonists have addressed this better than I (see Depression Comix and Hyperbole and a Half) but I do want to discuss it a little as I work towards coming out the other side of this in a better place.

I am officially attempting to end my hiatus and begin making art and comics on a regular schedule again! I made a lot of art when I was down, and I’ll begin this new and better year (Rest In Pieces 2016) with a lot of the art I made then.

Here’s an intro into a better and healthier Emma Woodbury. (And also part of the grad school portfolio I put together – I got in!)




Here’s to a better 2017! (Well… hopefully anyway)


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