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James, Midnight and Maisie pt. 2

The newest fake comic cover starring my brother and our dogs. Seeing all these covers together, they become a weird view into an alternative universe’s pulp books…   I get so much joy out of these… “Bachelors in English Literature DOCTORATE IN TERROR” still makes me laugh


Fashion Sketches

More and more of my random sketches have been turning into fashion illustrations! These are my last two sketches in my old sketchbook – it got rained on, and now the pages are all wavy. The… “atmospheric effect” while cool looking, is unintentional.   Now back to pretty people in cool clothes on much flatter … Continue reading


Dreams: Fight

Dream comics! Internal Narrative: Fight. This time around, two winged gardeners poorly wrestle each other to an audience. This was part of a longer dream where dog cancer was cured – check back in for that installment! 


Dreams: Gouda

  A new project! Dream comics – Internal Narratives. Each one of these will be short retellings of dreams I’ve had, as an exercise to improve and to record what I’m thinking about while unconscious. I’m looking forward to seeing patterns emerge… so far it seems I just like to play jokes on myself.  


Night Vale

I return from a very long hiatus – one I’d much rather not have taken – with gif art celebrating my favorite podcast! Well, to be more accurate – the only one I listen to (thank you Katzevogel for the recommendation!). Struggling to find motivation has made me look towards new and entertaining ways to … Continue reading


Disney Portraits

A couple of friends of mine have been having rough times, so I made them portraits! As their favorite disney princesses, or… since I didn’t know that Snow White’s favorite princess wasn’t Snow White, I guessed. Both of these ladies have the most beautifully colored hair, it was so much fun to replicate that.    … Continue reading



I’ve been going through a ton of my sketchbook pages to collect all of the absent minded drawings I’ve made, and now you have to see them! Muahaha!  


City Conservatory

This started as a life drawing at the Garfield Park Conservatory and turned into a completely different illustration. I love this idea of creating a new world with the more mundane aspects of what I see in my daily life. (Hence my entire Alternative Universe Project) I keep making these drawings that look like they … Continue reading


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