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Disney Portraits

A couple of friends of mine have been having rough times, so I made them portraits! As their favorite disney princesses, or… since I didn’t know that Snow White’s favorite princess wasn’t Snow White, I guessed. Both of these ladies have the most beautifully colored hair, it was so much fun to replicate that.    … Continue reading



I’ve been going through a ton of my sketchbook pages to collect all of the absent minded drawings I’ve made, and now you have to see them! Muahaha!  


City Conservatory

This started as a life drawing at the Garfield Park Conservatory and turned into a completely different illustration. I love this idea of creating a new world with the more mundane aspects of what I see in my daily life. (Hence my entire Alternative Universe Project) I keep making these drawings that look like they … Continue reading


Emma Makes Comics To Make Her Feel Better pt. 3

But first! An illustration from the beautiful Jamie Lee, from some of her jokes. “What eats salmon, hibernates, and practices law?” I replied with “Attorney At Bear” which she illustrated as a gift. “A bearrister.” :D Better yet: “What popular game show host is made of raw meat?” “Drew Carrion!” “What popular 90’s actor fits … Continue reading


Klimt’s Hygieia

A study in the new sketchbook. Klimt’s works are so fluid and surreal, I love his work. They’re a lot of fun to pay homage to.


So… this was a sketch that ended up as a finished digital illustration. I should use my time better, but… Robin? Hehe!   Check it out! A new gif: 


The End

My comic for the anthology Before, After, and In Between! Darker than what I normally make, the theme was the 2012 Mayan end of the calendar. I really enjoyed the process. It is old enough now (and the book out of print) that I don’t feel bad posting it, but MAN my art has improved!


I just taught myself to make gifs! I am having WAY too much fun doing this, it is such a cool thing. I always wanted to animate but never really wanted to animate, y’know? Best of both worlds! The immediate satisfaction of movement without the years of training and years of production… The lazy-man’s cartooning. Anyway, … Continue reading


Pick A Card: A Burlesque Exploration of Tarot

I was the official artist for yet another Gala Delicious showcase, this one being Pick A Card; A Burlesque Exploration of Tarot. Very fun to be a part of! All of the performers were amazing. I also got to see my poster printed and up all over Ann Arbor, where it took place. Such a … Continue reading



I was invited to be a contributor to the anthology “Awkward Sex“, put together by the lovely and talented Isabella Rotman! Here are my two pages (and keep an eye out – a second book may be in the works!)


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