I went to Italy! My grandmother is a world traveler, and I somewhat invited myself along with her, and my aunt and dad. We had such a great time! I won’t post any personal photos, but trust me when I say I took a lot.

Instead, enjoy my drawings from the trip. I wanted to keep some of my experiences with me. These are all unchanged scans from my now falling apart sketchbook. All done with a 12 pack of Prismacolor pencils.

At the Uffizi and Hercules from the Palazzo Medici:


An amazing window painting in Florence, after Mucha:

italy-11-for-web My grandmother, aunt and (only lightly in there) uncle waiting to go to church in Montorosso Al Mare:
italy-10-for-web The rooftop view in Rome:

italy-9-for-web Drawing at restaurants and outside of the Colosseo:

italy-8-for-web My Dad, reading a terrible spy novel in Montorosso Al Mare:

italy-7-for-web New friends in Positano, along with a statue on the stairs leading to the beach:

italy-6-for-web This… uh… the only way to explain this is to tell a short story of an Italian music video which was utterly incomprehensible. All we could get out of it was that Italian Bruce Lee was kung-fu fighting Italian Arwen in a beautiful forest somewhere… and also it was a romance. I just don’t know. It was begging to be drawn. Anyone know the song I’m talking about?

italy-5-for-web Me! On the train going to Pompeii:

italy-4-for-web I drew a lot of food, but this one is special because I also spilled that food on my page. Perfect.



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