James Midnight and Maisie pt. 4

Wow! I’ve been doing this a while now. This year he only got one… he knows why.

But, I also made him a t-shirt again this year and a mug!

This time Maisie’s destroying Pseudo-Tokyo in her Mecha! (I say Pseudo because I mashed a bunch of separate buildings together rather than picking a real place, but ah well.)


The mug looks hilarious, I doubled up on a couple of the covers and the result looks normal from far away but ridiculous up close. James loves it.


And here are the dogs themselves!middie_maisie

This one’s cheesey-er than ever. Well… you decide, here are the previous years…

james 2 for web james 1 for webjamesanddogsWEBjamesandmidnightforweb 1jamesforweb


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