Emma Makes Comics To Make Her Feel Better pt. 3

But first! An illustration from the beautiful Jamie Lee, from some of her jokes.

“What eats salmon, hibernates, and practices law?”

I replied with “Attorney At Bear” which she illustrated as a gift.

“A bearrister.” 😀


Better yet:

“What popular game show host is made of raw meat?”

“Drew Carrion!”

“What popular 90’s actor fits in the over-head bin?”

“Drew Carry-on!


So I recently had some people I trusted and thought I got along with well come out of no where to harass and harangue me with utterly ridiculous claims. It’s been on my mind quite a bit since then, and  since my only real outlet is these comics, I made this. I’m sure a lot of people have had something similar happen, including people from Salem during the witch trials! (Although I read somewhere that it was mold in the bread that caused the hallucinations, but still.) To all the people who hate for no reason!

One of my favorite puppies is not too smart.

masie comicWEB

Occasionally I am also a stupid person…


I have decided to do daily comics to make myself draw every day! Day 1… not going well.bad dayWEB


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