Chip and Dip

Chip and Dip is a beautiful new cartoon being put together by the amazing Carter Lodwick at Polymyth Productions. Apparently a “just for fun” project, Carter is going all out and it is hilarious. (I put “just for fun” in quotations because Carter does nothing if he doesn’t do it extremely well.) The brief premise is a bowl of dip and a corn chip go on a quest through the wild west to find the god of snacks.

I’m… already in love with this cartoon which is not even out yet. It’s to be a free online cartoon (only key frames, think Brad Neely) to debut soon – keep your eyes peeled. This piece started out as silly fan art, like a title card sans title, but the very kind and talented mind behind it decided to add it to the cartoon! So check it out for the karaoke portion at the end of the story. 😀


For some extra fun, here’s the sketch of the style the cartoon will actually be in by Carter…



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