Brain Frame Yearbook



The Brain Frame Yearbook (image above from their very own site!) has come out a while ago, so I’m pleased to share my contributions!  So much fun to work with the fearless leader of the show, and the end result is indescribably beautiful. Also, props to my awesome roommate Carter Lodwick for designing the look of the cover.

My ballpoint pen portrait of team-leader, all around badass and creator of the show itself:


My own portrait for the yearbook, featuring my adorable little rat Inga (rest in peace, cutie):


My two favorite illustrations that went into the book.

The very first BF I worked at was at a gallery in Chicago called, at the time, Happy Dog. Awesome people worked and lived there, which made it strange as to why we had to deal with such a disgusting floor. Every one sits on the floor for the show, and this place looked like a frat party had happened… a week ago. We pulled the rug over molded-over vomit and cleaned up spills and beer cans, and voila! It looked ok.


brainframe10 ER

The second one happened at the wonderful Constellation…. my performance had a lot of fake blood in it… which cost Lyra about $160 for damages. Sorry Lyra.

brainframe 18 ER


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