James, Midnight and Maisie

Every year (for the past… 5 years? Maybe?) I’ve made my brother a cover to his own comic book where he and our dogs star. This year I made 2, since last year I got as far as making the title but didn’t have time to actually illustrate the rest of it. Man, if you ever want to keep track of your progress in drawing, draw the same thing once a year for a few years, it will be incredibly obvious.

James just started at a cool new school in another state – his new high school has a giant whale hanging in the main hall (or so I’ve heard) that students found on the beach and made into a school-wide science project. Really cool. Nagatha Christie is just there to help with homework – because who enjoys busy work, honestly. St. Lt. Dr. Midnight Esquire is the lead detective in “Back to School 2: The Riddle At The Heart Of The Mystery!”


Last year’s title was “Go Back In Time!” This is, of course, before Midnight became a sergeant, lieutenant, doctor, lawyer or got a gun license. Or is it? They do travel through time as it is. Here Current James and Midnight face off with Old James and Maisie – each one is dressed in the opposite side of the Civil War. Also, the laser gun Old James is carrying is a real thing.

Usually James fights Hitler or Stalin in these, but I’m enjoying branching out. Who knows what will come next year! Also, for those interested, Midnight and Maisie are both schipperkes.


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