Sahas Witch Finder

Another project where we had to invent a story and character – this time I went with the opposite of my last two characters – see Boanna and Evangeline if you’re curious. Sahas, my main character, is an assosiate professor at the University of Delhi in India. The summary of his story:

Born in the Tamil Nadu province of India.

Moved to Delhi to study, became an associate professor. Hopes to be tenured at some point.

The seedy underbelly of Delhi academics has become infested with witchcraft. Senior professors need a smart, capable young professor to collect information on how to eradicate evil dark magics from the anthropology department. (These magics are slowly leaking into the education department – Professor Ved accidentally walked into what he thought was supposed to be a lesson on Western ornithology, was actually a cryptozoology and summoning class.)

Sahas is sent all over the world to gather information about different types of witches in order to figure out what and who is behind the maleficence slowly taking over the anthropology department, and to figure out how to eradicate it.

Meanwhile, Dhriti, Sahas’ best friend, and a professor in the art history department, grows concerned at his long absence. None of the other professors in his department seem willing or able to tell her why. Digging deeper in secret, she discovers the coven of evil witches trying to take over the anthropology department. She discovers that the tenured professors are the evil coven, and they’re trying to take over the entire school. Feeling threatened by Sahas’ ambition, they sent him off on a wild goose chase, hoping his own thirst for knowledge would kill him. Using her own good magics and following Sahas’ notes, she takes off across the world to find him and save him. When she does, can she save him? And if she does, will Dhriti be able to tell him about her own magic?

The three images I chose come from all over the story, the first one is Sahas still in the university library, the tenured professors arguing on the best course of action.


Sahas goes to Japan, finds a kitsune-tsukai, a witch who employs a fox familiar for either good or nefarious means.



Sahas also goes to Northern Scotland to study Pictish runes and the magic imbued in them.



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