Post Mortal

The beginning of this past summer I had a lot of free time (how quickly that dried up) and I attempted to make some sort of illustration for each book I ended up reading. As it turned out, not much was done, except I got two illustrations out of a book I ended up immensely enjoying, Post Mortal by Drew Magary. It was an amazing adventure, super depressing and awesome at the same time. I won’t spoil it.

This illustration was an actual part in the book, where the main character has followed some one into the spooky woods. This was just a quick one in my sketchbook, I was trying to really constrain color while still creating space.


This one is not a particular scene in the book, but a bunch of times distilled into one. The main character and his partner, the enormous male nurse make house calls on a regular basis. There’s a faction in the book of people who are determined to ruin the lives of other (for no reason) who paint themselves green and call themselves trolls. Here they are laying in wait. Here I wanted to be looser and try something a little more stylistic.


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