Morales and X-men: Evo

These started out as warm-up sketches, which turned into playing with new paper I had with my markers, and then THIS happened. Dura-Lar is a thick, rubbery feeling acetate (I’m pretty sure, feel free to correct me) which I had been given a couple of sheets for free. Prismacolor markers behave incredibly weirdly on it, more like watercolor than marker. I really like it, these two ended up looking really interesting. 

Next time I shouldn’t have my warm-up sketches turn into all day projects, but oh well! 

Miles Morales is the new Ultimate Spiderman, he’s amazing. I’m really liking pretty much everything about the comic so far. I’ve only read what’s on Marvel Unlimited’s library. So, I’m not very far yet.


My old favorites, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, and Jean Grey from X-men Evolution. Man, I wish we were having weather like that. 



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