Wraparound Cover – Saki

This is one of my favorites. I love the author Saki, or H H Munro. He’s one of my favorite authors, but he mostly did short stories. This wrap-around cover was made for a particular story of his called The Story-Teller. (It’s pretty short, I recommend reading it in its entirety.) The story is about this man is on a train, stuck in the same car as these kids and their aunt and the aunt really can’t keep them quiet. The man decides to tell a story about a good little girl who gets rewarded by being allowed in the prince’s garden. Judging by the wolf, things may not end up so well for the little girl. It’s a pretty funny short story.

His other works are fantastic as well, I recommend Laura as well as The Open Window. Both are perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. 😉

Sakiforweb copy


Close ups:






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