Emma Frost of the x-men has always been one of my favorites! Here are two different versions I did of her, the latter being a much older version, I think from 2011.

As much as I like Emma, I did not like the new dark phoenix version (of any of the characters), and especially not her new, skimpier in all new levels, gold-strappy-amounted-to-not-much-more-than-a-censor-bar costume. As much as it is part of her character to be comfortable in her body and want to show it off, something like that just did not look comfortable. So here we have two different versions, one just hanging out outside the Danger Room, and one for a romantic night stroll with Namor, I mean Scott. (Although Namor’s as enamored with himself as she is, I think they’re a perfect match.)


Ah, crosshatching, I remember thee fondly.


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