Boanna and The Lady

Character studies for a series of illustrations. The illustrations were incredibly fun to do and a storyline I would really like to pursue. Part of the project included writing a back story, something I had a little too much fun doing.

Lady Evangeline:

Lady Evangeline is from Medieval Germany. Born as a farmers daughter, she set her sights on becoming a knight, a task she completed her 22nd year of life. Many years of training, slow victories in tournaments and finally fighting for her King in the King’s army all came to fruition when she was knighted. Bored of wandering the castle halls as a lady’s Knight (taking care of the insipid ladies of the court) Lady Evangeline asked to be deployed with the rest of the knights of the Kings court.

Instead, renowned for her strength and cunning she was sent out with a small handful of knights to roam the Schwartzwald to slay the beasts attacking her countrymen. Coming upon a creature of immense strength and cunning Lady Evangeline was injured, lost in the forest and left to die. The lady dragged herself to the beast to assure its death, and was instead caught in a fold in time and forced out of her own timeline.

The original in copic markers and pen:


Boanna was born 2224, in Transmetropolis, a large city that encompasses most of Southern California. An inner city child brought up by her grandmothers, Bo was a trouble child to all but her only remaining family. Always good with machinery in her adolescent years found a job with a local hovercraft mechanic shop until she fell in with the wrong types. Local gangs pushing the drug Waste. Bo became their go-to girl for modifying crafts to smuggle Waste from one area of the city to another. Eventually realizing she could be paid far more to not only modify hovercrafts, Bo became a smuggler, dodging scrape after scrape with other gangs and the cops until a drug deal went bad and she was on the run.

Running from the dangers following her, Boanna accidentally happened across a fold in time like Lady Evangeline, and was ripped from all she knew. Crash landing in the same time period Lady Evangeline landed, they travel together to look for the lost parts of our world, the doorways through time to try to get back to their own times.

Check back for the illustrations!


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