Before, After, & In Between

Welcome to The End!

Life has been quite busy, but also quite exciting, which has taken away a lot of free time to update this site. I’m pleased to announce, however, that one of these exciting things is that I was invited to be a part of an anthology called Before, After, & In Between. This is all about the end of the world, which as you know, is coming up soon.

There are 12 artists creating new work for the book including myself. My comic, “The End,” illustrates my own thoughts on the end of the world, if it really were to happen on Dec. 21st 2012. Here are some teaser images that I drew up as extras for the book, not including a commission I’ll be doing for a buyer, and the post card that will be included as a special extra. The comic itself will not be posted until after the book is in the hands of the readers, but check back here and see what you find!

If you’re curious about purchasing one, or just curious about what the tell I’m talking about, check out the tumblr!



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